"An excellent environment in which to learn about one of the most challenging aspects of writing. Eliza is an incredible resource."

--Alex Penland, Director


About the Room

Ever wanted to know how to write romance novels or add romance elements into your stories? Come visit us at the Scarlet Boudoir...oh la la. 

We talk about everything from cliche romance themes to how to integrate the theme in a unique way. Whether you're a new writer or experienced, there's always something to learn here! 

We've had a vast array of the community join us, including both men and women. We've held exciting sessions such as: the meet cute, why romance?, and The Funny Thing About Love: Comedy & Romance. 

The Scarlet Boudoir meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at the Coralville Public Library, Room B, from 6:30-8:30pm.

Featured Writer

Have a story being published in an anthology or as a book? Let us know! Each month we will feature a writer in the community and the brand new piece of work.


Concierges: Eliza David is active on Twitter over at @elizadwrites!