The Rooms

"[I love] to hear other writers discuss their projects, inspirations, ideas, failures, and successes on all levels- from prolifically published to writing contest winners and runner-ups to those who love to write for the joy of writing. It's all-inclusive and motivating."

--JJ Vorst, community member

FINd Your Community

The Rooms are created based on community need. Iowa has many science fiction and fantasy writers, so we created The Violet Realm first to bring people together. As the call for a genre- or topic-based Room grows louder, we aim to find two concierges, leaders, who can support that Room and the people. 

Current Rooms: 

The Violet Realm: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

The Rainbow Room: LGBTQIA+-support community

The Cedar Room: Cedar Rapids all-genre 

The Scarlet Boudoir: Romance 

Share your Knowledge

Are you interested in imparting your knowledge on the community? During a session, you can lead a lesson about a topic that's specific to that Room. Concierges will still be present, but you can share your knowledge with fellow members of the community! Don't worry, we're here to help you get started. 

Learn From Your Community

Are you a writer who needs guidance as you work on your story? Come join one of our Rooms and learn a new lesson each week! These lessons are created both by our concierges and our community. Prompts are provided as well to help you get started.