Science Fiction and Fantasy

"I love my weirdo sci-fi/fantasy writers. My first meeting was like walking into a room full of strangers who were my instant best friends."

--Leslie Kung, Cedar Room Concierge


About the Room

Ever wanted to learn how to write science fiction and fantasy? The Violet Realm is the place to be!

It was the very first of The Writers' Rooms! Founded back in 2015 under the Iowa Writers' House, it has grown over the years with high retention and a lovely mix of new people.

We've had a vast array of the community join us. From high school students to senior published authors, everyone can find a home here. We've held exciting sessions such as: world building, map making, sci-fi vs fantasy, and outlining your story. 

The Violet Realm meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the Iowa City Public Library, Room B, from 6:00-8:00pm.


Featured Writer

Have a story being published in an anthology or as a book? Let us know! Each month we will feature a writer in the community and the brand new piece of work. 


Concierges: Alex Penland and Erin Casey, the Directors of The Writers' Rooms, also serve as the Concierges of the Violet Realm.