About Us

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Our Roots

The Writers' Rooms began in late 2015 under the welcoming umbrella of the Iowa Writers' House. We had a simple mission in mind: create a free, accessible community to Iowan writers. The Violet Realm, our sci-fi/fantasy Room, started it all. For two years we incubated under the IWH and learned what our community needed to foster creative minds. It became apparent that if we were going to support our writers, it would be through a community- and crowd-sourced endeavor.  

Now, starting in 2018, the time has come for us to spread our wings and fly as our own organization. 

We're so grateful for the opportunities we've been given.

And we can't wait to write our journey and help you write yours.

Our Mission

Our writing community has the amazing benefit of a massive collection of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. The Writers' Rooms endeavors to bring these wonderful ideas together and help all writers with their craft. We strive to encourage and foster community-based knowledge to help lead literary sessions and provide a safe, positive writing environment. 

Our Rooms are moderated by both our Concierges and the members of our community. Community-led sessions tap into the wealth of our collective knowledge, allowing our writers to both share their own experiences and learn from other attendees. 

The Rooms can't exist without you and your passion and experience! 

Our People

Concierge members come from the writing community. All of our current concierges were interested in their topics and became knowledgeable about their genre through reading, writing, and taking lessons of their own. Anyone interested in leading a particular genre- or topic-based Room is welcome to e-mail us at welcome@thewritersrooms.org.

The rest of the Room membership comes from eager writer minds who want to know more about a particular genre or topic. Some have even graciously led lessons for us. We're always looking for more people to share their expertise!