The Iowa Writers' House

Who they Are

Iowa has a thriving literary arts community coupled with a global reputation in literature. In 2008, Iowa City was designated a UNESCO City of Literature making it a destination for writers, near and far. But up until 2014, Iowa City didn't have a literary center. Writers not in a full-time MFA program had limited opportunities to engage, learn, or even meet other writers. Without a literary center, there were also limited job opportunities for our graduates, many of whom wanted to stay in Iowa. 

Founded by Andrea Wilson, the Iowa Writers' House is a hub of literary activity, filling that need and operating as a central access point for writers.  The house holds workshops, lectures, and educational opportunities. We feature the best and the brightest literary talent as instructors, providing jobs and experience for writers who have called Iowa home! Our mission is to extend the Iowa literary legacy and to strengthen community among writers, editors, readers, audiences, and all those who honor the power of words.

Why we love them

The Iowa Writers's House is where we got our start: there wouldn't be a Writers' Rooms without them.  Andrea Wilson is one of the warmest, most welcoming people you'll ever meet, and the workshops are taught by some amazing writers.  

They're held in such a welcoming space, too! The House itself is absolutely gorgeous, with comfortable couches and nooks to write in.